Local boy starts own "eco-friendly" business

Alex McDuffie raises worms for local compost bins!

By Marie Rossiter April 21, 2011

Most 12-year-olds are busy with school work, sports and friends. But, when Alex McDuffie attends this weekend's Marvin's Organic Gardens 4th annual ThinkGREEN, he will be there as a vendor and not a visitor!

The Cincinnat-area young entrepreneur owns Alex's Wormiculture, which provides worms and other supplies for people who do thier own composting. 

"I've owned the business since I was 10," said Alex. "I was in fourth grade when I got my first worm bin. My mom gave it to me for my birthday because I've always loved nature and this is one way to save it."

Once every month or so, Alex and his family drives to central Ohio to purchase his worms from a farmer. He then brings them home and raises them, which includes feeding and watering them. Alex said he also spends time answering phone calls and emails from customers and getting the worms together for them. He also goes out into the community and talks to groups about his work and the importance of composting.

"It keep food waste out of the landfills and creates great fertilizer for people to use," he said.

It isn't always easy to be your own boss, though, according to Alex. 

"On days I go to school it isn't easy to come home and work, especially if I have to give a talk," he said.

Alex said he does enjoy the money from the job (of course!), but he also likes the respect he receives from his work.

"I've never found it to be the case that people don't take me seriously (just because he is a kid)," he said. "Most adults think it's cool that I do this."

Alex his own Facebook page, too! You can visit it by clicking here.