Review:Uncle Milton's All Terrain Nature Collector

Kids can safely explore creatures in their natural habitat

By Marie Rossiter, Publisher August 24, 2012
Disclaimer: Uncle Milton Toys provided Macaroni Kid this product exclusively for review purposes. No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed are expressly my own.

Products are reviewed based on age-appropriateness, safety, ease of use, educational vallue and, of course, how much fun it is! 

The All-Terrain Nature Collector by Uncle Milton Toys

Listed Recommended Age: 5 and up

Price: Ranges from $9.99 and up (depending on where you buy it)

 out of 4

One of the cool parts of my job is when I get a sneak peek at some of the latest toys and gadgets about to hit the market. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing information and reviews on a variety of new toys and games from Uncle Milton Toys, who has teamed up with National Geographic to focus on getting kids outdoors to explore! Since there aren't a lot of toys that fall into that category, I decided it was a good idea to check them out!

This week, my kids and I got a chance to use the All-Terrain Nature Collector. Our first thought was that it reminded us of a robotic arm, so that upped the cool factor right away. :)

The idea behind the All-Terrain Nature Collector is to allow kids to study small animals and insects in a safe way--for both the child and the creature. To use the toy, the child holds it in his or her hand and pulls back on the handle, which then closes the "arms" and allows for animals/insects to be gently picked up and studied. 

My girls (ages 14 and 10) liked this because, well, they're the type of girls who don't exacty like touching creepy crawly things, but find them rather fascinating. We especially liked the snap-on plastic dome that closed in their "specimen" so they could really watch the bugs crawl around.

The toy is easy to use (the handle turns for easy collecting) the grabbing action is effective! It might be a little harder for smaller hands to grip onto, but even they will be able to use it correctly. Uncle Milton recommends the toy for ages 5 and Up.

The All-Terrain Nature Collector comes with an activity guide that gives directions on how to attach the critter collector domes, as well as suggestions on different ways kids can use the toy to explore their surroundings (Bug Quest, Treasures by the Sea and Litter Warrior)

This Macaroni Kid family gives Uncle Milton's All-Terrain Nature Collector three out of four daisies. Both girls had fun with it, but said they thought it would hold their interest longer if they were a little younger. They thought it would be "a great toy for boys or girls." I recommend a target age range of 5-10 for the highest interest level, but of course, this will vary on the individual child!